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A modern day

Company of Adventurers

Connecting you with nature, adventure, and

Canadian heritage!

Explore Manitoba and experience a transformational personal journey!

Manitoba has always been the heartbeat of Canada. Rich history, diverse cultures, and extensive natural spaces make this great province a must-experience destination for all ages.

We are a company of adventurers who have been personally transformed from outdoor adventure and wilderness experiences. Our team has a contagious passion for sharing unique experiences with our guests. We paddle, hike, snowshoe, and camp in many of Manitoba's beautiful parks. We have some great tours and programs available to suit your interest, goals, and budget.

Wilderland Adventure Company is your premier outdoor recreation and adventure provider.

Manitoba isn't a place to see, it's a place to EXPERIENCE!


Traditional Winter Camping


1 Night/2 Days - $210+GST

Book your 2020 winter trip today! Groups of 5-12.


Camping Trips -  3 Days

   Camping is a true Canadian past time and we want to help you not only experience camping but also show you an adventurous way to experience our incredible parks! We provide all the necessary camping permits, equipment, a nutritious menu, experienced and knowledgeable camping hosts, AND guided outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking, and local interpretation programs.

Winter Camping Trips - 2 & 3 Days

   Winter provides an incredible opportunity to explore the natural world and experience an adventure! We take a traditional approach to camping in the colder months with our canvas tents, wood stoves, and crowdless trails into the "silent land" of the Canadian boreal. Join us for something special as we travel and camp in the heart of Canada during the winter!

Canoe Trips - 3 & 5 Days

  Canoe tripping is a truly Canadian bucket list experience! We proudly take guests through the many historic paddling routes through the eastern boreal shield. The remote and pristine wilderness is where we camp, explore, and travel. Get your camera's ready as it's common to spot moose, eagles, bears, and the iconic beaver in their natural habitat.

Active Holidays - 3 Days

   Looking for a less rugged accommodation yet still want to experience some Manitoban outdoor adventure? We offer packages that include hotels, some food service and guided day tours including hiking, canoeing, wildlife tours, and interpretive programs. Let us take care of the full day program while you enjoy relaxing at the end of each day's adventure back in your hotel.

Hiking Trips - 3 Days

   Hiking is a fantastic gateway to move past the front country crowds and camp in serenity and solitude. We offer unique trips in our beautiful parks to share our favorite trails and wilderness camping sites. Nothing beats silence, sunsets, northern lights, and the call of the loon as the daylight fades.

Making outdoor adventure affordable, accessible, and rewarding!


Adventurous Leadership

Youth Outdoors Project