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Helping you connect with

Nature, Adventure, and

Canadian Heritage!

Two Iconic


Six Unique




1. Whiteshell Heritage Tour - 3 days/2 nights

Camp along the historic Winnipeg River and explore the treasures that the "Whiteshell" has to offer. This outdoor adventure hotspot is the perfect launching pad into exciting Manitoba nature, culture and heritage.


2. Whiteshell Canoe Trip - 3 days/2 nights

Take a journey into the wilderness and explore off the beaten path. Iconic canoe tours are the perfect Canadian experience for everyone. Camp under the stars, portage into remote lakes, and explore the Boreal wilderness like never before!

3. Whiteshell Winter Retreat - 3 days/2 nights

Escape the city and head into the Whiteshell for an exciting yet relaxing winter adventure experience. Stay at the historic Wilderness Edge Hotel and let your Wilderland guides take you on daily snowshoeing, hiking, interpretive tours and more!



4. Parkland Heritage Tour - 3 days/2 nights

Camp under the stars within the wilderness oasis of Riding Mountain. Experience guided hiking, canoeing, and interpretive tours throughout the park. The wildlife safari facilitated by Parks Canada put you close with the latest signs and sightings of iconic Canadian animals residing in this wilderness haven.

5. Parkland Hiking Trip - 3 days/2 nights

Take a journey into the interior of Riding Mountain and explore the mixed forest and prairie grassland. We camp along remote lakes and hike through traditional cart routes throughout the park. Don't forget your camera!

6. Parkland Winter Camping - 3 days/2 nights

Embrace the winter wonderland of Riding Mountain. The silent land gives way for great wildlife viewing of the more elusive creatures in the snow covered winter months. We provide a modified version of traditional winter camping with stove heated tents and snowshoeing day trips.

Connecting Local Youth with

Adventure Education Experiences



Lets get youth outdoors! We can help you with creating an impactful and rewarding outdoor experience for your students. 

We use a 3 level program to provide the necessary learning outcomes, level of challenge, and timeframe to meet students where they are at developmentally.


& featuring the


We are taking the initiative to ensure a future of quality and impactful outdoor programs in Manitoba. Adventurous Leadership is a 3 level program to extend the Youth Outdoors Project and build up outdoor leaders for tomorrow.

We have partnered with the Outdoor Council of Canada, Duke of Edinburgh Award Manitoba, and Equip Canada to provide advanced skills training and implementing opportunity to grow in field leading and certification.

Experience Manitoba's wild side!

Let us help you experience a hassle free and rewarding adventure! Our tours, wilderness trips, and outdoor leadership training provide a fun, engaging, and safe outdoor experience that will inspire your inner explorer.

Can't find what you're looking for in our Heritage Experiences?! Check out our Custom Tours page and we'll do our best to get you outdoors and having an adventure of a lifetime!