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Project WILD

Educator Workshop

Course Details

Project WILD is a curriculum companion that has a wide array of activities and lessons tailored to teaching and learning outside.

Project WILD is based on educational standards, developed by scientists, and reviewed and field tested by educators. The interdisciplinary Canadian Project WILD guide features 121 complete lesson plans about wildlife and the environment that can each be adapted for any age, grade level or subject and every participant will leave with their own copy! Mathematics lessons, writing assignments, art lessons and more can be found in the pages of the Project WILD resource Manual.

Project WILD

Educator Workshop


8 Hours (approx.)

Course Schedule

What it's all about

With the Project WILD activity guide, you’ll explore topics and concepts such as:

  • Adaptation

  • Carrying capacity

  • Food webs

  • Habitat

  • Life stages and life cycles

  • Migration

  • Renewable and non-renewable resources

  • Succession

  • Symbiosis, commensalism, mutualism and parasitism

  • And much more!

Why you’ll love it
  • Project WILD helps learners develop the awareness, knowledge, skills and commitment needed to make informed decisions and to take constructive action for wildlife, habitat and the environment.

  • Activities are designed to be infused into mandated curriculum subjects such as art, health, language arts, math, music, physical education, science and social studies.

  • The guide can be used by both classroom teachers and non-formal educators, including resource specialists, conservation officers, camp counsellors and Scout and Guide leaders.

  • The guide contains all the information needed to successfully plan and run each activity (objectives, method, background, list of materials, procedures, evaluation suggestions, activity extensions, key vocabulary, etc.).

Ready to go WILD? Project WILD activity guides can be obtained by participating in an introductory workshop where you will become a certified WILD Educator.

Cancellation Policy

We operate our courses rain or shine, UNLESS our guide(s) deem it unsafe due to lightning or heavy rains and/or unsafe water conditions such as high waves or strong winds. We typically adjust the course to remain safe. We MAY cancel tours due to low enrolment if we have less than 4 participants.

In light of this, any cancelations initiated by Wilderland Adventure Co. will be fully refunded.

Cancelations initiated by participants are subject to the following terms:

1. Cancelations made more than 21 days in advance of the tour start date are fully refundable.

2. Cancellations made 21 to 14 days in advance of the course start date will forfeit a $25 cancellation fee, and will receive refund of remaining balance paid.

3. Cancellations made less than 14 days in advance of the course start date will forfeit any balance payments made.

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