INTRODUCING the Do-It-Yourself Manitoba Adventure Kit to connect you with Nature, Adventure, and Canadian Heritage.

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Being outdoors is critical for all of us. In light of our mission to connect people with enriching outdoor experiences, our expert staff has curated the do-it-yourself... Manitoba Adventure Kit!

Each kit is designed for both "close to home" & "take it on the trail" versatility so you have options to get outdoors and make your experience personal and unique. Each kit includes a hefty portion of Wilderland's bannock mix, metal camp mugs & hot chocolate, fire building bundle (kindling), and snowshoe rentals.

Your kit includes:

Bannock Making Supplies - You will receive our Wilderland Adventure Co trail recipe and instructions. Make the batter and cook on your stove at home or over a fire. Included are cinnamon sugar and blueberry jam toppings for you to enjoy.

Fire Starter Bundle - We provide you with a convenient fire starter bundle to get warmed up and of course to cook your bannock. We include basic fire making instructions from our expert guides.

Metal Camp Mug - Each kits includes a limited edition Wilderland Adventure Co tin camp mug & hot chocolate portion. A wonderful compliment to fresh bannock.

Snowshoe Rental - Receive a snowshoe rental at Northern Bicycle Co. Reserve your rental any day between Monday to Thursday and return it the next day! If you're looking for a weekend rental, it's a $10 surcharge BUT you pick up Friday and return on Monday to give you 3 days of usage!

 **Curbside Pick-Up** - On Select Dates near Polo Park in Winnipeg. 

100% of proceeds go to support the Youth Outdoors Project which enables outdoor adventure experiences for Manitoba's most marginalized children and youth. Your purchase supports local businesses, creates a personal outdoor experience for yourself, and you enable our community youth initiatives to thrive.

Adventure for 1 Kit:

- Bannock & Toppings.

- Metal Camp Mug & Hot Chocolate.

- Fire Starter Bundle (Kindling).

- Snowshoe Rental Gift Certificate.


$55 +TAX

Adventure for 2 Kit:

- 2 Bannock & Toppings.

- 2 Metal Camp Mugs & Hot Chocolate.

- Fire Starter Bundle (Kindling).

- 2 Snowshoe Rental Gift Certificates.


$100 +TAXES

Adventure for 4 Kit:

- 4 Bannock & Toppings.

- 4 Metal Camp Mugs & Hot Chocolate.

- Fire Starter Bundle (Kindling).

- 4 Snowshoe Rental Gift Certificates.


$185 +TAXES

Campfire & Bannock Kit:

- 2 Bannock & Toppings.

- 1 Metal Camp Mug & Hot Chocolate.

- Fire Starter Bundle (Kindling).


$35 +TAXES

"Celebrate Winter" Kit:

- 1 Metal Camp Mug

- Hot Chocolate.

- Snowshoe Rental Gift Certificate.

- Wilderland Sticker (limited Edition).

For 1 Person:

$45 +TAXES

For 2 People:

$80 +TAXES


Have more people? Enjoy add-ons to ensure everyone gets outdoors together. Adventure Kit purchase necessary.

Bannock & Toppings - $12 +tax

Metal Camp Mug - $16 +tax

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