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Welcome to Camp!

Join us in beautiful St. Malo Provincial Park for your next unique and special group camping experience.

Modern Approach to Traditional Camp

Guests are challenged to expand their comfort zone through tent camping, eating meals outside, and learning various outdoor skills such as canoeing, orienteering, archery, and more. Led by certified and experienced instructors, you will come away with greater self confidence, communication skills, and appreciation for nature and Canadian heritage. We offer group camps between May & September.


The Camp Experience

When you arrive, you'll be greeted by our friendly staff team. We begin by jumping right into camp activities and games.

Each day is balanced with relaxation and outdoor activity such as archery, paddling, hiking, orienteering, and more. At meal times, participants will be responsible to help with food preparation and clean up.

An important daily focal point is "campfire time" so your group leaders can engage with participants with spiritual formation, storytelling, debriefing, and so forth.

Each day is an adventure and your group camping experience is fully customizable!

What's Included:

We make your group camping adventure easy! We provide all the camping equipment (tents, stoves, cookware, etc), 2 or more certified & experienced instructors, a nutritious menu, and all program equipment (canoes, archery, safety gear, etc).

Have your own resources and want to save money?

We offer options for you to provide your own camping gear and/or food to help you save money!

Professional Staff

Certified & Experienced Outdoor Leaders.

Dynamic Program

High Quality outdoor skills activiites.


New Camping & Outdoor Equipment.

Food Service

Food prepared by our MB Health certified staff.

Private Campsite

Access to our private campsite in St. Malo PP.


Day Camp Program

We recognize that an overnight camping trip may not be feasible or the right event for your group at this time.

Join us for a DAY CAMP!

Enjoy the thrill and excitement of our Adventure Camp with a full day (or more) of outdoor activity, a picnic lunch, and everything you would expect without the overnight.

Embrace the challenges of orienteering, paddling a canoe, or hiking through the local trails and more!

Year Round Adventures

We offer outdoor adventures in all 4 seasons! Join us for a special group trip into the quiet and unique St. Malo PP in the late fall, early spring, or solitude of winter. We provide our high quality and dynamic programs that will surely get your students engaged with nature, adventure and Canadian heritage!

Still Have Questions?

Please fill out a Group Contact Form and we'll connect you with an Adventure Camp specialist.

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