Enjoy an ultimate winter do-it-yourself adventure. For the first time, we are offering our 

Every Adventure Kit creates opportunity to expand outward into our local natural spaces. Don't forget to share your stories with us at #WILDERLANDMB

100% of Weekender Rental Kit revenues go to support local youth outdoor programs through the Youth Outdoors Project. Learn More HERE.

Winter Adventure Kit for 2:

- 2x Wilderland Campfire Mugs.

- Fire Starter / Kindling.

- Traditional Black Tea (Earl Grey).

- 2 "Tripper" Portions of Bannock & Toppings.

- Recipe & Instruction  Card.

- 2x Two Day Snowshoe Rental Vouchers.

$150 +GST

- Snowshoe rentals available December 1st to March 15th, 2021.

- Snowshoe Rental Vouchers redeemable f

Bannock is type of flatbread that originates from Scotland but was eventually adopted by the Indigenous peoples of Canada, particularly the Metis the western regions. The bread was brought over by European explorers and traders and the recipe was adjusted using local ingredients. Bannock is a simple bread, but quick to make and useful for travelling in the wilderness. It's a great source of carbohydrates, and a filling meal, which was a staple for Canada's earliest wilderness explorers & trappers. It is usually prepared as a large biscuit that could be broken up or cooked on a stick over a fire.

At Wilderland Adventure Co. we use an in house recipe on our wilderness trips and multi-day tours. We want to share our passion for this traditional food and inspire you to explore nature while embracing true Canadian heritage.

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