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Camping & Tripping Skills

-  Level 2  -


Intermediate / Moderate Activity / Semi-Remote



This Intermediate level course provides essential skills and experience for multi-day outdoor events such as backpacking, canoe tripping, and winter camping in a "semi-remote" context. Students participate in an overnight trip while methodically learning all the ins and outs of Trip Planning, Packing, Equipment Uses & Choices, Emergency Planning, Food Planning, and more. A key component of this course is the special focus of hand on learning of various outdoor gear that is widely available and helping you discern the best choice for your chosen activity.

🧭 2 Days / 1 Night

Ages 16+

✅ Certified & Experienced Instructor.
✅ All Equipment.
✅ All Meals on trip.
✅ Student Learning Manual.

Course Details:
➡️ Foundational Courses are suitable for ages 16 and up. Minors (under age 18) need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian UNLESS part of a private course facilitated by a school or community organization.
➡️ Courses take place in a front country setting (non remote) in a local campground.
Students are expected to fully participate in this course and must be able to hike or paddle comfortably for 3-4 kilometres at a moderate pace.
Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
➡️ For each course to run, we require a minimum of 4 students.
➡️ This is a curricular based course, though we create flexibility to present the content throughout the day in the order that is most suitable based on group interests, conditions, and other circumstances.
This course is designed to be an ongoing conversation. The equipment choices, methods, and opinions are solely to inspire learning and dialogue to further the interests and knowledge of our students. We welcome friendly conversation about experiences and knowledge of everyone in our courses.

Course Format & Objectives:

*Timelines are approximate and subject to change.

Day #1:

➡️ Self Care While Outdoors - We begin the first day with understanding the importance of self care in the outdoor context. We discuss topics that build up a knowledge base to ensure students have insight into comfortable, safe and responsible outdoor activity.

- Motivations & Personal Goals.

- Dressing for the Conditions.

- Maintaining Energy Levels (nutrition & hydration).

- Environmental Responsibility.

- Hygiene & Toileting.


➡️ Trip Planning - Students will work through the process of creating a trip plan that is realistic and well thought out using our Trip Planning Worksheet.

- Activities, Route & Scheduling.

- Risk Management (Identifying Hazards & Creating Defences).

- Emergency Planning & Preparedness.

- Equipment Planning & Packing.

- Permits, Permissions, & Etiquette.

➡️ Foundational Camping Skills - Students will learn important camping skills for practical use on any multi-day event. The skills taught MAY include and are not limited to:

- Fire Building & Safety.

- Knife/Axe Safety.

- Stove Use & Outdoor Cooking.

- Water Purification.

- Tarp/Shelter & Tent Set Up.

- Packing & Outfitting.

➡️ Sleeping Warm - Students will have a discussion and learn practical strategies for sleeping warm and comfortable in primitive environments.

- Sleeping Systems

- Hydration & Energy Levels

DAY #2:

➡️ Tripping Experience - This practical trail experience is overseen with a certified guides, at a leisure pace and includes skills relevant to the course offered (canoeing, hiking or snowshoeing). Students will have ample opportunity to enjoy the local park while practicing skills while on in the field and engaging in an ongoing discussion of safe and responsible outdoor activity. We expand into topics and strategies for multi-day and self supported events such as canoe tripping, backpacking, and winter trekking.

- Pre-trip Checks.

- Trip Packing.

- Stepping, Pacing, & Breaks.

- Map Reading.

- No Impact Hiking (Leave No Trace).

- Environmental Awareness.

Cancellation Policy:

We operate our courses rain or shine, UNLESS our guide(s) deem it unsafe due to lightning or heavy rains and/or unsafe water conditions such as high waves or strong winds. We typically adjust the course to remain safe. We MAY cancel tours due to low enrolment if we have less than 4 participants.


In light of this, any cancelations initiated by Wilderland Adventure Co. will be fully refunded.

Cancelations initiated by participants are subject to the following terms:

1. Cancelations made more than 21 days in advance of the tour start date are fully refundable.

2. Cancellations made 21 to 14 days in advance of the course start date will forfeit the deposit payment, and will receive refund of remaining balance paid.

3. Cancellations made less than 14 days in advance of the course start date will forfeit the deposit and any balance payments made.


What to Bring:
✅ Comfortable clothing and layers.
✅ Rain jacket or poncho.
✅ Water bottle, snacks.
✅ Sunscreen, hat, sun glasses.
✅ Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, toiletries.
✅ Waterproof bag for valuables.

A comprehensive packing list will be provided prior to the course.


Private Groups & Custom Courses:

Have a group, class of students, or want a customized course? We have you covered! Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION and let's put together an impactful and memorable outdoor learning experience!

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