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Camping Trips

Camping Trip - Whiteshell Provincial Park (2 Nights)

   The Whiteshell Provincial Park is a Manitoba adventure destination. With lively rivers, lush forests, and unique history, this park holds the perfect getaway for those wanting to learn how to camp and get a small taste of Canadian outdoor activity. Each camping trip includes day hiking, canoeing, and exploring local points of interest such as the Petraforms, "Blueberry Hill", and Pine Point Rapids. 

Camping Trip - Riding Mountain National Park (2 Nights)

   RMNP is a natural wonderland located in the heart of the prairie grasslands. With an unique mash of ecosystems native to Manitoba, its a protected forest land teaming with wildlife, pristine, trails, and more outdoor activity options than can fit into one trip. We offer group camping trips to the many campgrounds located throughout the park and facilitate appropriate activities for the season and groups size. Options include canoeing, hiking, trail biking, swimming, and horseback riding.