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Duke of Ed Award

   We​ are proud to partner with the Manitoba Duke of Edinburgh Award to offer amazing and life-changing Adventurous Journey experiences. We believe that you will not only "complete your award" but take away some valuable life skills and self confidence.

   All of our trips meet the criteria and minimum requirements to accomplish BOTH your "practice" & "qualifying" Adventurous Journey components of your award level in ONE trip! We have an all-inclusive price that includes food, camping equipment, permits/fees, minimum 2 trained and certified wilderness guides, and transportation for Expedition trips (excludes Bronze Award Level Exploration). For Expedition trips will meet in Winnipeg at a pre-determined location (depending on our trip location) and travel out to the appropriate provincial park.

   We provide these Adventurous Journey experiences through our YOUTH OUTDOORS PROJECT and ADVENTUROUS LEADERSHIP programs. The links below will take you to those trips.

   We are proudly leading these trips through our approved Duke of Ed curriculum in which we designed as a template for all of our trips. This includes a journal so students can document their ongoing learning throughout their experience. Students are required to fully participate and engage with tasks and initiatives such as pitching tents, cooking meals, cleaning dishes, cutting firewood, etc. All of these activities are part of the "effort" in which students need to accomplish the requirements as set by the International Duke of Ed Award. Our trip guides are trained assessors and reserve the right to not approve participants for failing to fully engage and participate in their trip.

   We require a minimum of 5 participants to run a trip on a specific set of dates. This way we can keep the overall cost down and affordable for our participants. IF the trip fee is a barrier to your participation, please contact us or the Duke of Ed Manitoba office. We both have various sponsorships set aside to assist with making trips available to you!

   If you are a teacher/parent/community leader who organizes or facilitates a Duke of Ed Award program group, please know that we offer group discount rates as well as custom trip dates and program locations to help suit your scheduling, budget and group cohesion. Please contact us for more details!

Bronze Award Explorations - 2 Nights/3 Days

   Our Bronze Award Exploration trip takes place at Camp Amisk, just south of Winnipeg. This 3 day/2 night program introduces participants to base camping and various outdoor activities and nature study topics of interest.​

   The goal of this trip is for participants to learn how to camp safely and cooperatively with others as well as engage with routine tasks such as pitching tents, cooking food, cleaning dishes, and being part of a team.​ Each participant will be required to choose 2 topics of interest and present researched findings to the group while on trip. Available topics will be shared prior to your camp.

   We DO NOT provide transportation to the Bronze Award Exploration. If you require a ride, please contact us and we will do our best to arrange a carpool.

Bronze Award Expeditions - 3 Nights/4 Days

   This introductory wilderness camping trip is 2 nights/3 days in length. We typically facilitate these trips on weekends and summer dates. We offer Bronze trips year round and into various Manitoban provincial parks. 

   The Bronze level trips are designed to introduce participants to safe camping skills and practices. Our guides share their knowledge and work with the group through the challenges of travelling safely and efficiently through the wilderness.

Silver Award Expeditions - 4 Nights/5 Days

   This intermediate level trip is 3 nights/4 days in length. We offer trips year round in many of our local parks and wilderness areas. This trip builds on the Bronze level to increase the required effort in time per day as well as tasks. Participants will be required to work through a group plan in route, campsite management, food preparation and clean up.

   Our goal is that each Silver participant takes away an increase in self confidence and ability to fully go camping safely and efficiently.

Gold Award Expeditions - 6 Nights/7 Days

   The pinnacle of your Duke of Ed experience is our fantastic Gold Level Award trip. We typically offer summer canoe tripping experiences. These trips use all of your previous learning and allow you to fully participate in the trip with your peers. If you have previously done a Wilderland Adventure Company trip, you will know what to expect and how our trips run. Participants will be expected to take on the bulk of the trip effort such as starting fires, locating campsites, making group plans about routine/timelines, and food prep and cleanup. Our trained guides go along to ensure a safe, and cohesive trip.