Outdoor Certification & Professional Development

We are proud to facilitate and host Manitoba's first formalized outdoor leadership development initiative. As advocates of the Canadian Outdoor Summit, we are invested into the growth and stabilization of Manitoba's outdoor sector, starting with local outdoor leaders.

Our network facilitates ongoing nationally recognized certification training from Paddle Canada (canoe, SUP, kayak, camping), the Outdoor Council of Canada (hike, paddle, camp, & winter event facilitation), and Canadian Red Cross (Wilderness First Aid).

Paddle Canada

Setting standards for instruction and certification for recreational canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddling, Paddle Canada certifications are nationally accredited and internationally recognized. 

Locally Offered Courses Include:

- Canoeing

- Kayaking


- Camping


The Canadian Red Cross offers a wide variety of courses that meet the needs of the general public, workplaces, schools and organizations. These include First Aid, Remote First Aid, and Swimming & Water Safety.

Locally Offered Courses Include:

- Wilderness First Aid

- Wilderness Advanced First Aid

Outdoor Council of Canada

OCC certified field leaders are part of a national network of people promoting a stronger and safer connection to the outdoors through led outdoor activity.

Locally Offered Courses Include:

- Field Leader (Hiking & Paddling)

- Overnight Field Leader

- Winter Field Leaders

Professional Development

We offer ongoing outdoor leadership development trips and experiences in our local parks and natural spaces using various outdoor activities. The goal is to help local outdoor leaders such as educators, guides, and skills instructors network together and build extensive experience in Manitoba.


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