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Outdoor Ministry

Our mission is to equip and support the local Church to launch and grow outdoor ministry initiatives.

Enhance Your Ministry.

Our mission is to provide services, resources, and opportunities for the local Church to develop impactful outdoor ministry.

Start an Outdoor Ministry.

Have a desire to use the outdoor context to reach children, youth, and families with the Gospel? Wilderland Adventure Company is here to make that a reality.

Use Our Resources.

We help Churches with as much or as little you need to be successful. From gear, guides, outdoor leadership training to all-inclusive experiences, we can help!

Get Outdoor Ministry Support.

Already have an outdoor ministry? Let's connect and help others develop and grow the local outdoor sector with us.


Start an Outdoor Ministry.

There has never been a more profound time to launch an outdoor ministry. With the bombardment of social media, disconnect from Pandemic, and mental health issues at an all-time high, our community is suffering.

Connection to nature, experiencing a safe challenge, and working within a community focused on a collective goal increases self confidence, a willingness to create goals, and ultimately connect with mature role models. This is the environment where children, youth, and families are focused on God, His creation, and a loving community.

We are here to help you make these experiences happen and make them as easy and impactful as possible. All you need to do is show up!

Use Our Resources

We've made outdoor ministry programs accessible and affordable for everyone. From day trips to overnight camping programs, we host and facilitate your group so you can focus on connecting your community with Jesus.

All you need to do is show up with your group and we take care of as much or as little as you require. We are able to offer everything from experienced and certified guides, food service and camping. The best part is at the end you can leave the clean-up to us.


Get Outdoor Ministry Support.

We are ministry leaders too! By networking and working together we are able to grow the local outdoor ministry sector. Our vision is to see children, youth and families come to Christ and this is only possible with a strong community effort.

We are able to provide gear rentals, networking events, program consultation, and professional development through courses and workshops.

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