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Our Story...

   Every journey has a beginning, an inspiration. Mine was when I was a young boy. My father introduced me to camping, fishing, and hunting at an early age. Our adventures were more on the motorized and frontcountry side of things, but a sure introduction to the great outdoors and learning to be comfortable in changing environments.

   After graduating highschool life took a turn as I was drawn into the excitement of international travel and service leadership. This was when I was introduced to canoe tripping and my love of paddling was birthed. With no commitments or hesitations to limit my options, I jumped at the opportunity to work a summer job in the beautiful Whiteshell Provincial Park. This first summer was a catalyst into a 10 year commitment and self motivated responsibility of building a thriving wilderness tripping program.

   Just like my father connecting me to the great outdoors and the possibilities of adventure, I found myself introducing many others to the same lure of the wild week in and week out each summer.


   In order to excel in something you need to commit to a process of learning and practicing. This is often painful, humbling, and even embarrassing. Yet, through it all, there is a chance of success and an incomparable confidence and comfort that comes forth. I found myself spending a year in Ontario growing in my outdoor skills as well as 3 years travelling the world serving others and gaining a foundation in my Christian walk and worldview. This season of intentional personal growth is what has shaped my skillset and passion for what I do.​

  I have always had a soft spot for Manitoba and it's natural spaces. I have been blessed to climb mountains, sail on oceans, hike in dense jungles, and raft raging waters, yet nothing feels like home more than Winnipeg, Canada. This place I call home is more than urban developments and weekend getaways into the forest. Over the past 15 years I have had the opprotunity to lead outdoor education programs, explored the northern boreal wilderness, guide commercial trips, and created a thriving outdoor program for Winnipeg's most marginalized youth from life-changing adventurous activity.​

   Some would describe it as a calling, to others a vocation, but when something sits in your heart for so long, it only makes sense to follow it. Here I am, putting my experience, knowledge, and passion out there to inspire and enable others to have an opportunity to share in my life-long adventure of learning and growing as a person.

   With such amazing natural places in Manitoba, there hasn't been much for a outfitted and outdoor education offering. A handful of small companies have come and gone over the years but nothing dynamic and affordable has taken hold to become sustainable.

That's where we come in!


   Wilderland Adventure Company was birthed out of vision to first and foremost connect local Manitobans with our incredible natural places and secondly to share this province with the world. We guarantee you won't find another local outfitter like us that hosts a committed and experienced leadership team with the deep and intimate knowledge of Manitoba's vast backcountry trails and routes. We are a proud outfitting service backed up with a team hosting over 15 years and nearly 700 combined wilderness trips of experience!

   Sure we could say all we want here on our own fancy website, but we suggest contacting us and start a conversation if we're the outfitter that can provide your next life-changing bucket adventure in Manitoba!

- Matt Peters & the rest of the Wilderland family!