Welcome to the Wilderland Outdoor Academy, where guests come to learn essential outdoor skills, gain imperative field experience, and become confident in wild places.
Are you ready to challenge yourself and embrace a life full of adventure?!

Outdoor Basics

Introductory courses to develop a core set of outdoor skills in the context of a hike, paddle, or winter trip. Setting the stage for safe and rewarding day trip events, special focus is placed on Motivations, Safety, Trip Planning, Environmental Responsibility, Comfort, Dealing with Emergencies, and of course actual time on a local trail with certified and experienced instructors. Participants will surely build confidence to launch a lifetime of outdoor adventure.

Camping & Tripping Skills

Intermediate level courses to introduce essential skills and experience for overnight camping through backpacking, canoe tripping, and winter camping in a "semi-remote" context. Students camp while methodically learning all the ins and outs of Trip Planning, Packing, Equipment Uses & Choices, Emergency Planning, Food Planning, and more. A key component of this course is the special focus of hands on learning of various outdoor gear that is widely available and helping you discern the best choices and uses.

Wilderness Skills

These Advanced courses take you into remote areas while extending the course duration to week-long endeavours. You will utilize your foundational skillset while growing in advanced skills such as Navigation, Teamwork, Trip Planning, Advanced Tripping Skills, and Resiliency in Remote Areas. Special focus is on planning & packing for extended tripping. Completing the Intermediate Level courses is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Level course.

Outdoor Leader

Our Outdoor Leader level courses are grounded in the Outdoor Council of Canada and Paddle Canada curriculum and skills certification. Setting the stage for foundational industry standard training, we provide these high level courses here in Manitoba to enhance and expand the outdoor recreation and adventure tourism sector.

Hiking Field Leader


Winter Field Leader


Hiking & Paddling Field Leader


Overnight Field Leader