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Outdoor Education

   We​ LOVE to connect youth with the great outdoors! In fact, it's why we started the Wilderland Adventure Company to begin with. We take joy in providing safe, fun, and rewarding outdoor adventure programs for youth, no matter what the skill level and experience is. We will always have an unique and personalized program for you.

   If you are a teacher or leader of a group of youth, we want to hear fro you! Let's have a conversation of what you're looking for and how we can affordably and logistically put together you trip. We take pride in offering Manitoba's most diverse outdoor programming such as classic residential camp programs, tent camping, wilderness hiking and canoe trips, and even traditional winter camping.


   We have the ability and experience to offer a variety of programming options so please contact us for more information or look below for some ideas of what kinds of programs are available. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Base Camping - Multi-day Programs

   We provide fantastic programs in the Whiteshell Provincial Park that have your students sleeping in tents, learning basic camping skills like self care in the outdoors, fire building, outdoor cooking, canoeing, and hiking. We offer guided tours local heritage sites such as the Old Pinawa Dam or Bannock Point Petraforms. We can also facilitate natural and social history interpretive programs as well.

Contact us for package rates!

Wilderness Trips - Hiking, Canoeing & Winter Treks

   We love taking youth on once in a lifetime wilderness trips! Check out our available wilderness trips to get an idea of what is available and contact us for pricing and details!