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Outdoor Education

We help equip and support the local Schools & youth outreach organizations to launch and grow outdoor learning initiatives.

Enhance Student Learning.

Our mission is to provide services, resources, and opportunities for our community to develop impactful outdoor experiences.

Book an Adventure!

We provide customized and impactful outdoor adventure and education experiences in all 4 seasons. Book your student program today!

Start an Outdoor Program.

Have a desire to use the outdoor context to connect students with nature, adventure & Canadian heritage? Wilderland Adventure Company is here to help you make that a reality each step of the way!

Professional Development

We help organizations train and support outdoor leaders through training and certification.


Book an Adventure!

There has never been a better time to launch an outdoor education program. With the addictive lure of social media, mental health issues at an all-time high, and recovery from the pandemic... our students are suffering.

Connection to nature, experiencing a challenge, and working within a community are paramount. Outdoor experiences help students gain self confidence, develop resilience, build positive relationships, and connect with the land & local heritage.

We help you make these opportunities happen as easy and impactful as possible. All you need to do is show up!

Start an Outdoor Program.

Looking to start your own outdoor education program? We can help! Use our fully customized outdoor programs and build these experiences into your existing education initiatives or let us help you launch your own events.


We provide full program facilitation, equipment rentals, professional development, and program consultation. Whatever your level of need is, we can help you!


Professional Development

We are outdoor educators too! By networking and working together we are able to grow the local outdoor sector. Our vision is to see students engage with nature, adventure, and Canadian heritage.

We provide industry standard training and certification with the Outdoor Council of Canada, Paddle Canada, and more!

Book Adventure
Start A Minsitry

Let's Get Going.

There are students that will thrive in the outdoor context. What better way to teach and help them engage than through an outdoor adventure!

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