Outdoor Education

Connecting students with Nature, Adventure, & Canadian Heritage through outdoor learning.
Our youth focused outdoor programs help schools, churches, and community groups get youth outdoors. Our professional team of outdoor educators and practitioners help make outdoor activity adventurous, safe, and truly rewarding. Contact us today and let's start a conversation to help you get youth outdoors!
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Wellness Workshops

In-class & virtual Wellness presentations.

Our team of trained staff will share stories and strategies that will help address mental health and wellness challenges, stigmas, barriers, and myths. We help students learn that they are not alone and there is hope, even in the uncertain future. Workshops include: Mental Health, Resiliency, Nutrition, Relationships & Consent, Self-Care, and more!

Adventure Tours & Retreats

Outdoor learning on local trails and historic waterways.

Introduce your students to nature, adventure, and Canadian heritage through hands on outdoor adventure experiences. Students will learn to hike and paddle safely and responsibly while being immersed in the great outdoors. We offer canoeing, hiking, interpretive site tours, and bushcraft skills learning in Pinawa as well as local Manitoban parks.

Environment & Education

Outdoor Ed programs in your school yard or local green space.

Accessible and affordable outdoor learning for school groups. Our expert outdoor educators facilitate fun and engaging activities that meet your Student Learning Outcomes while getting students outside. Activities include; "Fire, Bannock, & Storytelling", "Predator & Prey: Nature's Food Chain", "Exploring Your World: Geocaching", "Cooking Local: From Dirt to Dish", "S.A.F.E. Archery", and more!

Camping & Wilderness Trips

Frontcountry to remote wilderness camping and tripping.

Get students outdoors and spend time in a beautiful local park through an overnight camping trip. Students learn about self-care, foundational outdoor skills such as tent set up, cooking, and fire safety, and have loads of fun in the process. We offer Learn to Camp programs include hiking and paddling options depending on the location, season, and group size.

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