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We're a team of outdoor leaders and educators just like you.

We can only assume that you're here because you're looking to grow and expand your training, experience, and professional network. The great news is that you found the right place!


Outdoor Leadership Isn't Easy

We launched Wilderland Adventure Company in 2018, however, our beginning was 15 years earlier when I took my first outdoor skills course. Starting out at a local summer camp and slowly expanding to work for a number of paddling outfitters, I struggled to find valuable and tangible training and certifications locally. I had to head out of province to gain these foundational skills. Through this experience, I developed a passion to bring this home and be part of growing our local outdoor sector. This translated into a personal journey of leading over 150 multi-day trips and dozens of skills courses for Paddle Canada and the Outdoor Council of Canada. In these 20 years of full-time guiding and instructing, I've had the privilege of backpacking, canoe tripping, and winter camping all over this great province and beyond with many wonderful people.

After learning the ins and outs of creating and managing a number of quality outdoor programs, I continue to find absolute joy in helping outdoor leaders and educators like you do the same. It's been part of my life's work.

Currently we are experiencing a massive shift and desire to make outdoor programs more commonplace in schools, camps, and family holidays. We are excited about this new trend and are striving to be a support network for anyone stepping into or growing in their outdoor leadership at this time.

We have assembled a local team of qualified, experienced, and professional outdoor leadership instructors to help launch Manitoba into an expansive movement of amplifying the province with safe, rewarding, and impactful outdoor experiences for all ages and abilities.

Getting started can be overwhelming, expensive, and with limited opportunities to develop necessary skills, makes it truly challenging to be an outdoor leader. Our aim is to provide outdoor leadership training with affordable courses, training, and networking to help you obtain a solid foundation and gain confidence.

If you're an experienced outdoor leader, please join us for continued professional development and help us pass on knowledge and expertise to others. As we all know, outdoor leadership is a lifetime of learning and growth.

Be Part of a Movement

The following Courses & Workshops are created for you!

More than just skills and spending time on the trail or local waterways, it's about connecting with other leaders and growing our community. Get unparalleled access to local professionals and hone in on your own personal leadership style. The best part?! also bring immense value through your ideas, methods, and experience as well...we want to learn from you too!

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