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Traditional Winter Camping

Traditional Winter Camping - Sandiland Prov. Forest (1 Night)

   Have you ever tried camping in the winter?! You definitely should join us for a simple overnight experience into the Sandilands Provincial Forest and get a taste of winter camping. We take a moderately traditional approach with our canvass tents and wood stoves to keep the warmth and comfort factor a bit nicer. Our trained and Outdoor Council of Canada certified guides know the white wilderness and how to keep you safe through this once in a life-time experience. We offer both 2 and 3 day options into the Sandilands, which is only a 45 minute drive away from Winnipeg. 

Traditional Winter Camping - Whiteshell Park (2+ Nights)

   The Whiteshell Park is another world in the winter time. The thick blanket of fresh snow covers the shield and allows swift travel via snowshoes through once dampened swamps and marshy terrain.  We use backcountry campsites and hiking/canoe trails for navigation and spend alot of time exploring what each new trip brings forth. We use our traditional canvass tents to create a warm, dry space for our guests as we cook our meals and get cozy for the night. And don't miss out on the show of the northern lights that often entertain brave guests who venture out into the uninterupted night sky only found in the boreal backcountry. 

Traditional Winter Camping - Riding Mountain Nat'l Park (2 Nights)

   A very little used resource is the Riding Mountain National Park in the depths of winter. The wild animals such as elk, moose, and wolves roam free and through the silence and stillness we often catch a glimpse of these magnificent beasts. Early Canadians once travelled these lands in search of furs and wild meat to survive the cold and bitter winter months. Now we can enjoy this pristine park and recreate in the heart of the park using their once "way of life" winter living using traditional canvass tents.