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Winter Camping Tour - 3 Days/2 Nights

Riding Mountain National Park is an incredible place in the heart of the winter months. Primitive and remote campgrounds are open yet not many venture to explore them. We will embark on a journey to one of these camps where our impact will be minimal yet still out of the reach of civilization.
We will arrive in the park at the Wasagaming Campground along the shores of Clear Lake. We have a warm space to go over gear, enjoy a snack, and discuss last minute details of our trip into the wilderness of Riding Mountain. We will drive to our trailhead and trek in roughly 5-10kms (2-4 hours) to our first campsite. Depending on the route, the weather forecast, and the status of our group we will either camp 2 nights and do a day snowshoe trek or move camp altogether.
Your guides take care of all the logistics to make your trip enjoyable, worry free, and provide an opportunity to truly take in this incredible place and explore it at your own pace. We offer add-on tours and options so feel free to create your own perfect Riding Mountain National Park getaway!

Sample Itinerary:

Day #1

- Welcome & Orientation with Guides.

- Gear and equipment checks.

- Trip briefing.

- Travel to trailhead.

- Into the wild we go...

Day #2

- Campfire breakfast buffet.

- Day of snowshoeing, exploring, bushcraft skills.

- Evening relaxing & campfire snacks.

Day #3

- Campfire breakfast buffet.

- Campsite clean-up and packing.

- Trek back to the trailhead.

- Travel back to Wasagaming campground.

- Debrief, unpack, depart.

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Tour Highlights:

 01 / Wilderness 

Learn to travel through the wilderness leaving little impact and taking back a life-time of memories. The winter landscape is quiet and full of new things to discover when the crowds disappear and the land gets covered with snow.

 02 / Snowshoeing 

With uncleared trails and remote locations, we need to rely on the proper equipment like traditional snowshoes to get us through the deep snow and thick forest to our campsite.

 03 / Wildlife 

We are guests in the homeland of Riding Mountain's magnificent creatures. From birds of prey to large mammals like elk and black bears to the elusive wolves, we encounter these mighty wonders in their natural habitat.

04 / Transformational Journey 

Allow the challenge and reward of wilderness camping move you to grow internally and outward. Our friendly and experienced wilderness hiking guides are the perfect ones to learn from and become inspired.

05 / Camping 

Embrace the challenge of staying warm and comfortable in the remoteness of the wilderness. We use wood stoves to heat our tents and keep the chill out.