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Embrace the snow and experience the Joie de Vivre this winter!
Join us in St. Malo Provincial Park for an interactive winter experience full of fun and adventure. Head out on our Winter Trail and make your way to a series of Base Camps we have set up. Each stop holds family friendly activities, a place to warm up, heritage storytelling and lore, and time with your family & friends!
Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our staff and taken through a safety briefing and an introduction to snowshoeing. You'll then embark on a tour through the silent landscape through the park. You will come across a series of traditional woodstove heated tents to warm up, enjoy a hot snack, and listen to stories of those who lived the "fur trade life" over a century ago. You'll want to keep a keen eye out for elusive wildlife such as deer, fox, and other forest critters who often only leave their unique prints in the snow.

This tour is approximately 1.5 hours (90 minutes) long and includes snowshoes, sleds (for gear and children), hot chocolate & fire roasted bannock, and self guided trek through the St. Malo Provincial Park.
This self-guided tour is suitable for ages 3 and up as long as participants can comfortably snowshoe or winter hike up to 3kms on uneven and slippery terrain. We provide sleds for families with small children.


This activity is also included in our Group Camping and Group Day Adventure Programs.

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