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Youth Outdoors Project

   We​ LOVE to connect youth with the great outdoors! In fact, it's why we started the Wilderland Adventure Company to begin with. We take joy in providing safe, fun, and rewarding outdoor adventure programs for youth, no matter what the skill level and experience is. We will always have an unique and personalized program for you.

   We have partnered with Equip Canada to provide camping and outdoor adventure opportunities for Winnipeg's most vulnerable and marginalized youth. Our involvement includes facilitating safe and rewarding outdoor experiences for students. Our programs are 100% accessible to local Winnipeg organizations, schools, and churches working with youth ages 12 - 17.

   Our mission is to provide fully subsidized or free programs as funds become available. We take pride in making camping programs accessible and barrier free for Manitobans.

   Click to link to learn more about the Youth Outdoors Project